For the moment ordering for business purchases isn't available through the website - we're working on an exciting idea for a self-service platform for our customers, however whilst that's still in development we're doing things the traditional way: phone calls and emails (OK, we know emails aren't THAT traditional).

Our 270ml and 190ml scented and coloured candles are available to order as a 20 unit minimum batch and our 90ml shot-glass candles are available as a 12 unit minimum, combining any of our  scents and colours. Let us help you choose the right options by getting in touch so we can walk you through the them, and discuss the any customisation for labels and packaging, now including print to glass.

Please note when specifying your desired packaging and branding options that we will only use materials from sustainable sources, that are recycled AND that are easily recycled onwards from the production of your candles. Requests for boxes with a plastic fibre weave just to achieve a specific aesthetic, for example, would not be something we will provide unless there's a guarantee that the onwards life or recycling of the box will prevent it becoming non-degradable landfill.

So, if you are interested in placing an order, go to the Contact page and get in touch - we'd love to speak to you.

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