Wedding Service

Our strongest memory trigger is our sense of smell – a scent in the air can take us back in our thoughts to loved grandparents, a holiday in the Mediterranean, an adventure in the African plains. 

When planning a wedding we think about the colours we want in the theme, the venue for the wedding breakfast, even the song we choose for that First Dance. So why not a scent to represent one of the most important days in your life? 

Imagine catching the tang of lemons, the heady aroma of lavender, or the spiciness of cinnamon, and being transported right back to being surrounded by loved ones, all blessing you both as you began your union, all on a single breath. 

Our candles come in a range of base and blended scents, all made from pure essential oils, lacing eco-sustainable soy wax in re-usable glassware, in a range of sizes suitable for table centre pieces or wedding favours, all with a personalised message on the side, especially for you. 

These wonderful talking point products and favour gifts have proven so popular Osmḗ Candles are now the preferred suppliers of custom scented candles for amazing wedding venues that include Balmer Lawn Hotel & Saltus Spa, and Northbrook Park.

Contact us to learn more about this personalised service, whether for yourself or as part of a your offering for couples.

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